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Fine Art Nude Photography workshop

My great friend and amazing photographer Perry Gallagher and I are putting on another Fine Art Nude Photography workshop this February 25th and 26th.

Please follow the link for the details

Workshop – Level One

INTRODUCTION on Sat. Jan. 21st – 10 AM to 4 AM

Call 818. 353. 5855 to reserve your spot.


Back from Japan

More pictures — UPDATED!

We are back from Japan!

I rode on a train!  (Great public transportation system!)






I was a train conductor!






I was a bud girl!

Japan trip – flyer

i will be everywhere – according to my ninja manager …  i may be shooting in Nagoya, too!

call 818 – 441 -4456 (USA) or 090-7421-9700 after Thu. Nov. 17th 8 PM.

i just enjoy shooting –

Old Hollywood Portrait style –


Charlie Schlatter

Kerri Kasem


Kaz Matamura

Headshot/ Portrait Workshop – New Dates!

New dates!

Introduction class – 12 students max –

Sunday. October 30

10 AM to 4 PM

(Students who took the basic in Sep may take this class for free)


Basic class – 6 students max

Saturday Nov. 5th

10 AM to 4 PM


Intermediate class – 6 students max

Saturday, Dec. 3rd

10 AM to 4 PM

Head Shot Workshop FUN!!!!!!

This past Sunday was SO much fun. We have a policy to keep our class size small, which makes it more intimate and fun because I have the opportunity to spend more personal time with each student. I gave them all and assignment to photograph a person, a scenic view, and a macro object….and I only gave them 15 minutes and told them they couldn’t leave the studio lot! It was wonderful to see them dash off grinning and taking photos.

I was so pleased to see the results. WONDERFUL images of spider webs, flowers, and goofy faces! I enjoy my students and admire the enthusiasm they have for photography! I’ll be posting some of their photos soon! Stay tuned!!!

Can’t wait til the next class!!

Mosh will be modeling for headshot workshop this Sunday

YAY…I got confirmation today from Mosh to model for my workshop on Sunday!!! She is SOOO amazing. I’m happy the people attending the class will get an opportunity to work with this amazing model!

Japan Trip & Workshop – wanna come?

I’m going to be putting together a nudes workshop in Tokyo, Japan!!!! If you are interested – let me know right away!

The price includes round trip fare from LAX to Narita, 5 night stay at the Tokyo Hilton (including hotel to airport shuttle bus fare), a half day guided Tokyo tour with a translator, a full day workshop with moi with a fantastic “american” model (or two models – we many have one Japanese model, too) at a fantastic Tokyo location, and a lot lot lot of fun. Wanna go see Harajuku!!!??
$2500 per person, double occupancy.
$2950 if you prefer single occupancy.
$150 per day extra if you’d like to stay longer,
(Tax and fuel surcharge included)

Shojin Cuisine - Sendai Nov 2010

So far the dates are:
Leaving LAX on Tuesday November 1st, returning on November 7th.

If you LIVE in Tokyo and would like to join the workshop – it will be on Sat. Nov. 5th – 10 AM to 4 PM. ($350 workshop only)

Also I will be going to Sendai after the workshop to check on our house. If you are interested in joining us for journalistic photography tour up there, please let me know. We are going to photograph the recovery efforts of the tsunami hit area there. We will be taking the bullet train and Sendai is 300 km / 200 miles away, and it takes 90 min to get there from Tokyo.


Sendai Temple - Nov. 2010